Calling Motivation 

Have you seen motivation? I can’t seem to find her, or her find me.

For the longest time i believed in that “ah ha” momment that oprah talked about. So i waited for it, waited…waited. I am still waiting. Maybe i am in a very, VERY long waiting list. And i am just being impatien.
Or i am just delusional, because motivation won’t answer until you pick up the phone. So, motivation i am sorry i took so long but i am ready. 
*Calling “motivation”


In Defense Of Ordinary People

I stand in line waiting for my turn to get checked out. I think i got everything i need tomatoes, onions, potatoes, eggs .did I get butter? I move my potatoes to the side and feel relief as i see the golden wrapper peeking. If I forgot the butter I wouldn’t of went back to get it as there are 8 people behind me and that’s the shortest line.

I look at the magazines lined up next to the cashier I see an actress all dolled up smiling “she’s a STAR” and that why she’s smiling or that’s why I think she is. Continue reading “In Defense Of Ordinary People”