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Unicorn Frappuccino

The new Unicorn Frappuccino is SOLD OUT NATIONWIDE!!!

I can’t believe how fast it sold out, its crazy. but you know what, i got you

If you coudn’t get the chance to go buy one or one of the smart ones who won’t spend 5$

You can make it at home, if you go to the website it says its a vanilla mango flavored frap i honestly think they sold it so they can get ride of the mango syrup they had lol

unicorn new



1 cup Vanilla ice cream

2 tbsp Mango juice

1/4 cup milk

1 cup ice

Red natural food coloring

Blue sauce

Blue natural food coloring

12 oz White chocolate

14  cup Sweet condensed milk

1 14 oz evaporated milk

116 cup sugar

18tsp vanilla

*18tsp sour sugar

They add sour sugar to the sauce i didn’t because i don’t like the taste, so i am guessing it would be 18tsp.

White chocolate mocha sauce adapted from


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