In Defense Of Ordinary People

I stand in line waiting for my turn to get checked out. I think i got everything i need tomatoes, onions, potatoes, eggs .did I get butter? I move my potatoes to the side and feel relief as i see the golden wrapper peeking. If I forgot the butter I wouldn’t of went back to get it as there are 8 people behind me and that’s the shortest line.

I look at the magazines lined up next to the cashier I see an actress all dolled up smiling “she’s a STAR” and that why she’s smiling or that’s why I think she is.

I can never be a STAR. I just don’t want too. I am happy with being ordinary.

Ordinary life

Ordinary job

Ordinary friends

Ordinary parties

I grab the magazine and start flipping; i see a spreadsheet of the actress answering trivial questions, stupid questions really. She’s beautiful I’ll give her that. She’s on a juice detox, avocado is her “bae”. I am bored, I continue flipping and I see another actress but this one was a “star” a couple of months ago now she looks miserable a blurb next to her says “YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HER FRIENDS SAY ABOUT HER”

“Ma’am can you please come closer” a smiling cashier asks politely

I put the magazine quickly back and move my cart closer “I am sorry”

“It’s ok ma’am. She’s so pretty isn’t she?” She’s talking about the girl in the magazine

“She is” I smile

I put my groceries back in my car as I am going back to my ordinary life where I feel secure happy and loved.

Ordinary is what you make it

I like being ordinary

Do you?

Inspired by Butterfly Mind in defense of the ordinary





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